Book a Vacation on the Moon

Book a Vacation on the Moon

Bored with traveling to the beach, the mountains or even a big resort? Why not book a trip to outer space? Experts say we may soon be able to enjoy a champagne lunch in orbit, spend a week lounging on the Moon or take an adventurous voyage to Mars.

Space travel is no longer the exclusive realm of big governments. In fact, companies, such as major airlines, are making strides toward space tourism.  

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Aside from fun and adventure, regular space travel can have many benefits for an ever more crowded planet with fewer natural resources. Once us humans get the hang of frequent space flight, we can colonize and gather much-needed resources such as gold, silver, tungsten, nickel, aluminum and even clean water from asteroids. And unlike mining on earth, we would not be harming wildlife or rainforests.

Some forward-thinking scientists have even proposed traveling to Mars and beyond aboard an asteroid colony.  We could build an entire city inside a hollowed out asteroid while using its resources.  And possibly explore outer space even further than ever before.

So, start saving now as tickets will likely start around $250,000 and go into the millions of dollars depending on which adventure you choose.

Images of Space Tourism & the Future of Space Travel


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