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NYC based, Voiceover artist also known as the Voice of Big Pharma. You can direct our sessions via Zoom, Skype, ipDTL or Source Connect. Whether your script has tongue-twisting terminology or not, the combination of your beautiful animations and my expertise in scientific narration make a powerful RX. I've been called a Pro's Pro, a trusted creative you want on your team. Clients include 3FX, Anatomy Blue, Cognition Studio, AstraZeneca, Baxter, Bristol Myers Squibb, Einstein Health, GSK, Johns Hopkins, Infuse Med, Main Line Health, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, Northwell, Novartis, Ogilvy and more.

Another First for NYC

By |January 11th, 2017|Syndicated Content|

As a kid, I walked down Michigan Avenue in Chicago with my family as we marched against the war in Vietnam. Once again I am finding issues that touch me, my fellow voice actors, colleagues, friends, and family, and am willing to stand up to have my Voice 'Be Heard' on our behalf.

Hamilton, and the New York Primary

By |April 19th, 2016|Syndicated Content|

It’s easy to be apathetic, throw ones hands up and say, why bother? I’ve often felt such exasperation. But we must fight to support some semblance of a vision we believe will raise the tide and with it all boats. In the words of Hamilton, when challenging Aaron Burr on his lack of convictions, “If you don’t take a stand what will you fall for?” A double entendre if ever there was one.

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