A New Inner Life

A New Inner Life

Protein Packing – Inner Life Of The Cell Animation

It’s been a while since our last scientific animation for Harvard’s ‘Inner Life of the Cell’ series, but our team is thrilled to finally announce the release of our newest addition, titled ‘Protein Packing’. What our first two animations depicted, somewhat misleadingly, was a vast intracellular space and the smooth, assembly-line movement of proteins and molecules. But the reality is that the inside of a cell is actually extremely chaotic, packed to the brim with jittering proteins that bump into other, often times with no effect, occasionally with more serious effects.

Let our classical score carry you beyond the limits of the naked eye to witness this molecular “dance.” We’ve amped up our color palette to something a bit brighter, and re-envisioned our beloved kinesin molecule based on new research from our scientific collaborators over at Harvard, Dr. Robert Lue and Dr. Alain Veil. We thank all of our fans for their continuing support, and hope that you enjoy our newest piece.

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